Starting 2016!

The year started on full throttle. It was even hard to think a new year had started until I needed to write a cheque and it was returned because of the error in date. I returned from Lome on the last day of the year at night and only woke up to the faint sound of fireworks. A new year had dawned while I slept. I prayed and thought through all the plan I had hatched for the year. Across the settee was Josh, my family’s new addition, stretching his little hands and yawning.

Reports, action plans, modules, feature articles are some of the deadlines dragging me by the waistline. The last week has been spent helping in putting together a training module for maize and soyabeans cluster actors on economic analysis and options for reduction of cost handling. I’m in Akure, Ondo State at the moment for the review and capitalisation of the Soyabeans partnership on the 2SCALE project. It’s my first outing as a trainer on the ICRA/2SCALE end of the partnership and it has been revealing working from the inside. The experience has been different from my previous work as a coach on the IFDC/2SCALE end of the partnership.

I’m co-facilitating and listening to cluster actors bring up various issues on their activities for the previous year. Lessons learnt are being reviewed, new ideas are coming to fore and these all validates the fact that agriculture must become agribusiness if progress must be made. Changes have also captured and how they connect with various external influences among others. Inoculum, single super phosphate, capacity strengthening, impact, inclusive business, market are some of the words flying across the room. Their is also a soybeans planter in the room that was used by the Oke-Oyi Soya Cluster for demonstration trails. It makes planting faster, gender friendly and well spaced at 5cm to lead to increase in plant population.

I’ll share pictures and more notes later. Happy 2016 and have a great year.