When Blogging Meets Agriculture!

#Akure has been home to me for the last two days. I am excited to share with my colleagues on the 2SCALE platform who work in Nigeria on the dynamics of blogging and social media especially as it concerns agriculture.


It’s the 3rd session of its kind that I will be having with various groups in the last two months. However, something worked better here especially since the idea was to make them do and not just know why they need to do! Sounds rhythmic. I was excited to hear them share that now they know twitter is ‘not a place for noise makers and gossips’. I was also happy to see almost all of them set up their blogs and make their first blog entry. It is usually a long step but then it begins with the first step.

Mousier Toure, the IFDC‘s communication’s specialist based in Mali and Thompson Ogunsanmi’s input in designing how the sessions should go made a lot of difference in the overall out. I look forward to Toure’s session on Communication Plan today and also eager to hear from the coaches and actors from the BSS and clusters what their new expereinces trying to work on their blogs are.

It’s an interesting time to be alive. Enjoy the sights from the training session.

#HappyDevelopment Worker. #AgricBlogging #Blogging ForDevelopment #TheBigIdea




Mousieur Toure making a point 


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