It’s another Christmas


Some call it is the biggest birthday celebration on earth. Some say it is the day to celebrate the birth of the messiah. Others say it is a mere creation of mortals. What do you say it is? It’s the mass of Christ! Most countries have it as an holiday and like a number of festivals, both christians and non-christians celebrate the season.

#Jesus Christ – born in a manger – is the reason for this age long season. The three wise men brought gifts to him. Ours is to share gifts for those around us, especially the needy. It’s the whole essence of the season.

I was at the market with my partner to get a bag of rice to share with the men who man the estate housing my office. Done and set to leave, we thought to apportion the rice into nylons for onward delivery. By the time I sunk the scooping bowl into the bag the sixth time, what I had was a mould. The rice was bad. It was easier to get a replacement since we were still at the shop. We were happy we decided to share, otherwise we would have found out about a month later that the rice was mouldy and it certainly will be impossible to claim a replacement.

Lesson learnt – each time you give, you also give to yourself. Here’s a wish of a Merry Christmas from my end. Do not celebrate the season without plastering a smile on a face out there.

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